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"The lawyer is indispensable to the administration of justice, is inviolable for his actions and demonstrations in the profession, within the limits of the law"

                                 Illustrates the Article 133 of the 1988 Federal Constitution that:



Advogados no Morumbi

                                 Thus it is recognized that this profession as critical to the adjudication.

                            The Constitution enshrined the lawyer an essential character in judicial dynamics, being the link between the citizen and effective access to justice, based on the constitutional foundations of the rights of defense, the adversarial and due legal process.
                            By postulating on behalf of the citizen, the lawyer not only pursues a professional activity. The acting independently and disconnected from the executive, legislative and judiciary has the noble role of contributing to the maintenance and strengthening of the democratic state.
                 In this line, the Statute of Lawyers and the Bar Association of Brazil (Law 8.906 / 1994) reinforces the indispensability of the lawyer and the social role it plays, as provided in Article 2, heading and paragraphs 1 and 2, which state:

Art. 2(nd). The lawyer is indispensable to the administration of justice.

§ 1(st). In his private ministry, the lawyer providing public service and exerts social function.

§ 2(nd). In the lawsuit, the lawyer contributes to the postulation of decision favorable to the constituent, the conviction of the judge, and their actions are public munus.

                                 Thus, it was attributed to the practice of law a public service character, even when exercised in his private ministry. This means that the activity provided by the lawyer does not matter narrowly to parts of a process or procedure. Their scope is much higher and reaches the whole society.



                                   It is observed that the vital importance of advocacy has been recognized since 1828 when Pedro I created the first law school in Brazil through a decree, that this course was taught at the Faculty of Law of São Paulo. Since that time the honor of advocacy professionals began to be celebrated on August 11.

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