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          Our office bases its philosophy of work in their clients' rights protection, seeking to resolve conflicts and achieve the balance between the parties, staying within the boundaries of ethics and common sense.

        Therefore, please note that we provide and we are expanding in 2015 the provision of legal services, litigation and advisory, so with the purpose not only provide legal service to clients, but also advise them fully, alerting them to potential problems and ensuring so you always get the best results for your questions in any of the areas of law.
         The excellence of provided advisory services and legal advice is for impairment account to always offer the best service, the exact extent of the needs of each client, considering the characteristics and peculiarities of each, are legal entities or individuals. This individualized treatment is our difference, our brand, responsible for our growth over the past years.
         That is why we provide a physical structure that combines functionality and comfort for our customers. Schedule a visit and or consultation.

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P: +55 11 3501-8633


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