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                          The office Lawyers Of Morumbi operates in various areas of law, to better serve its customers, consulting and legal advice, analyzing the cases in particular, preparing contracts or drafts, as well as developing opinions or legal analysis and preventive or acting in the sphere of judicial and administrative litigation.

                       We stress that we provide legal services to individuals or legal entities (companies), acting in the Civil sphere, Tax, Labour, Consumer, Business, especially the below especificadas.de a visit and or consultation.


Advogados no morumbi
Civil Law


  • Contracts in general

  • Real Estate Law: buying, selling, leasing, lending, prescription

  • Regularization of documents in general

  • Monitoring scriptures

  • Certificates

  • Commercial Representation

  • Family Law Actions

  • Inventories, Shares, etc.

  • Compensation and related

  • Liability

  • Preparation and analysis of civil and commercial contracts, etc.

  • Contract for the supply and distribution

  • Commercial agency agreement

  • Contract for services

Advogados no morumbi


  • Analysis and application of tax rules, aimed at the company's economy;

  • Credit recovery;

  • Litigation and advisory in court administrative;

Labor Law


  • Filing of Labor Claims

  • Labor defenses;

  • Monitoring skills in the workplace;

  • Analysis and enforcement of labor standards

  • Consulting and Labor Assistance in business

  • Requests certificates

  • Business risk assessment;

Consumer Law


  • Consumer contracts

  • Damage Repair

  • Advice and elaboration of answers by the PROCON body

Business Law


  • Consulting and Business Advisory

  • Analysis of contracts and drafts

  • Development of consultations and advice

  • Risk assessment and contractual and non-contractual responsibilities

  • Analysis of contractual clauses

  • Preventive or preparatory analysis of lawsuits

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